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name: ally
gender: girl
race: human
type: infj
nature: shy
location: aus
浪漫没天份, 有点烦人又有点迷人; 边栏ちぃ i blog according to colour & mood
wowhw said: 2, 6, 14, 21 and 29

2 - the only drunk story I can remember is when my friend mixed me some toxic ‘mystery’ drink, there was some crazy dancing and then I woke up in the morning with a black face because I fell asleep on newspaper and the ink transferred all onto my face lol T.T

6 - last recieved txt message was “a talking cat… 2012 has already been kind to me hahaha happy new year!!!” lmao

14 - craziest thing I’ve ever done was runaway with my friend into some unknown forest while we were on a camping trip with our families xD

21 - I feel like this

29 - cutest thing anyone has ever done for me was make me origami and confess to me ~ 

  1. jokernim said: LMAO at the number 2 ~~~ hahhahahahha<3333
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